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Welcome to KJB - Konsultfirma Jonas Byström
Management and Gaming Services Consulting

What we do

KJB provide professional gaming and management services to the on-line gaming industry.

We provide the Gaming Industry with World Class Gaming and Graphic designs as well as Management and Project services. We offer design and development of unique contents on bespoke contract.

- We design your games and graphics.

What we offer

Graphics - Game aware graphics for the Casino, Social, Lottery and Entertainment sectors. We provide 2D, 3D, AD/Concepts, Animations and Movies.
Game Development – Design and development of bespoke casino and entertainment games.
Gaming - On-line casino gaming competence, knowledge, experience and services.
Management - Managing of your gaming projects and organisations. Making people work and producing results while enjoying it.

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Do you need a complete games team, a unique games design, world class graphics or someone who runs your critical projects?

Please feel free to contact us at for further information about our offerings in gaming tailored for you. We are your fast and efficient solution. Web:


Our base is in Stockholm, Sweden. Offering our services all over Europe.


KJB - Konsultfirma Jonas Byström
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KJB is partner of Complianza Gaming Consultants network.